When you are handling a camera, you can go by many titles. Be it Cinematographer, filmmaker, shooting director or Director of Photography. You are free to call me what you like - as long as you let me call a couple of my coworkers too. I am no one man army but I am used to making sure, we get the best people for the project.

Unfortunately I was never pretty enough to be in front of the camera, so I made my way behind it. I have a fancy education, yes, but I quickly learned that the real skills were acquired on set handling the camera or helping in the lightning department. For the past 10 years I have travelled the world and worked with a lot of super talented photographers before I felt ready to make the jump and shoot my own stuff.

Now I am based in Copenhagen. My passion for ryebread couldn’t be quelled in other countries than my own. I do however still travel to find the perfect location or the right light. But only for as long as a pack of the brown bread lasts!

Feel free to reach out. If you like my work let’s grab a coffee. Or maybe a lunch. You know what’s on the menu.